Our close friends often have a habit of asking about our well-being. It is not uncommon from them to hear the question “How was your weekend” from time to time. While you may give a conventional answer, funny responses create a moment to share laughter.

You also want to give out sarcastic replies to those who are performing mere formality in asking you rather doing it out of their willingness. Such folks rarely deserve an honest answer. This post contains all such answers.

Best Funny Authentic Replies to “How Was your Weekend”

It was the synonym of the word pathetic.

Prepared some notes for countering my boss as he is preparing to pounce on me this Tuesday.

It wasn’t the weekend but the sleepend. I came, I saw and I slept through all and also conquered the pillow.

Discovered some new websites to download pirated movies.

Just had a thrilling combo of couch potato and netflix.

Pretty Good. I learnt some dog language from my pet in order to communicate better with my colleagues.

Response Related to Dating, Married Life & Food

Well to be honest. I just upgraded myself from swiping right to swiping pizza to my mouth.

Was being a taught a lesson on weekend by wifey, that went over my head just like always.

Just like every weekend, I spent the 48 hours trying to understand the mind of my girlfriend. Result : -FaIL

It was a brew-tiful mix of beer, buddies, and belly laughs without any women ofcourse.

Just the usual where I matched with my bed and fell in deep love with my pillow.

Weekend update: I tried to surprise my spouse with a candlelit dinner. Ended up setting off the smoke alarm instead.

Had some really initmate moments with Chips and mouth.

Set up my new Personal milestone which is 15 hours of continous Netflixing.

Hilarious Response Related to Dogs, Cats and Pets

Lots of belly rubs, wagging tails and mating sessions of my pet. Thats how my weekend was spent.

My weekend was a purr-fect blend of cat naps, cat cuddles, and trying to decode the secret language of meows

Spent my weekend trying to convince my dog that squirrels are not his mortal enemies. It was an uphill battle.

Did a whole lot of comparisons of fart between me and my dog. Apparently, mine was the worser.

Spent the two days in staring contest with my cat. She won, like she does in everything.

Sarcastic Response to How Was your Weekend

Why you ask when you know it was shittier than your’s.

The weekend was extremely refreshing and now I don’t think I need a deodrant for atleast a month.

There were many pending things, like Farts. Needless to say, I released them with all my might.

Spent two days in trying to understand the hidden meaning of sigh and eye roll.

Found a goldmine of trash in our home. The cleaning of it was ofcourse assigned to the specialist in the house i.e. me.