There are two scenarios where people tend to question your soberitry. The first is when you actually are not sober and makes action/gestures/opinios about something that seems humiliating. However, people also tend to make remarks like “Are you High?” when you say something unexpected or out of the box. Such scenarios deserve a befitting reply but it wouldn’t be wise to get boiled up. Instead, one can give a funny or sarcastic response in order to diffuse the tension that the other person is intentionally trying to create. This post has plenty of apt responses whenever someone taunts you.

Yes, I am extremely high on confidence right now.

I have plenty of extra testosterone running through my veins today. Do you want some?

No Dear! I am just vertically gifted! Hope you understand!

Your company gives me such a high. I don’t need anything else dear!

Very high on ambitions but extremely low on the vacations!

Is someone feeling jealous?

I am naturally high after hours of mindless scrolling.

Why you ask? Am I flirting with you?

Yes I am high after seeing your beauty and wish to stay that way.

Definitely not. I am just seeing things a lot different than you!

Yeah. High on deadlines and low on caffeine.

High on the dopamine given by a lip smacking meal.

Not really but you know my Excel formulas might be a little tipsy!

I am low on sleep therefore compensating it with the high in life.

Don’t you know that being high is the new sexy.

Not high but can’t say the same about Rocky i.e. My Dog!

I am usually higher than this. This is normal!

Nope, just naturally buoyant!

I was born with high dopamine baseline in comparison to others.

Even drugs cannot give me this sort of high!

Yes am high on oxygen right now as I am doing cycling while replying you!

Well lets just say that I am floating on the cloud of optimism. I don’t think that is illegal?

Well, No! But do you want to join my high?

Yes! I am high on testosterone right now!

I am always high like this!

Well, lets just say that am inhaling plenty of aroma of the office printer. What about you!