The phrase WTF is commonly used in informal scenarios to express a range of negative emotions. When a situation get the better of us and give us a surprise, disbelief, or frustration, the default response may include profanity, abusive and curse words but there are better ways to express our feeling of baffled, bewildered, dumbfounded, and perplexed.

Four Reasons to use other words instead of WTF

When you choose to use alternative expressions to vent out your anger or disbelief, it shows respect for diverse sensibilities and settings and enables clear and precise communication. There are many other reasons to not use the phrase.

Professionalism: – When you use swearing or cursing at the workplace, it can affect people’s perception about you. No matter how grave the situation is, a level of decorum is always expected to be maintained. It is also to be noted that some people can be more sensitive towards off-color language, slang words and the usage of them may make them feel alienated.

Group Perception : – While saying WTF may seem accpetable during conversation with group of friends, the slangs used by just one individual not only affects his image but also that of the entire group in the eyes of observers.

Distorting Public Image : – Today, in the era of Internet and social media, people with malicious intent often edit video and audio clippings in order to portray a negative perception about someone they dislike. By refraining from obscene words and expletives, you are giving literally no chance to your haters to spread wrong information about you.

Preventing Escalation Of Tension : – In a heated or conflict scenarios, abusive languages can escalate tension to an unexpected level that require extra effort for mitigation.

Venting out WTF Feeling for Colleague

Now that we have told you about the importance of not uttering expletives at the workplace, let us write some befitting response that clearly are the synonyms of WTF

  1. I don’t know what in the world was he even thinking.
  2. He must had a brain fade moment for sure.
  3. I need a new God to curse other than Jesus Christ!
  4. My 5 year old could have done better than this.
  5. This is purest of nonsense I have ever witnessed.
  6. Someone deserves a smack on their head for sure.
  7. I didn’t think he had his medicines at the breakfast today.

Funny Creative Words to Express WTF

There are ways to express sentiments of extreme frustation without using words which are coventionally not socially acceptable. With the help of humor to respond to bewildering or absurd situations, you can deescalate tension and remind everyone not to take life too seriously. The below sentences are lighthearted alternatives that can bring a smile or a laugh, even when you’re genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. What on Earth is going on?
  2. We are definitely not gonna sit and clap about it.
  3. Even J.K. Rowling couldn’t have fantasized about this scenario.
  4. Someone has raised the bar of patheticness to a whole new benchmark.
  5. This is stupidity at new level.
  6. This was beyond my brain’s capacity to even think or anticipate.
  7. Is this a prank or has the world gone nuts?
  8. Has someone put us in an alternate universe?
  9. I think our crystall ball needs an update.
  10. This is utterly baffling to me?
  11. Someone is definitely joking with us.
  12. I am totally perplexed to what I am seeing now.
  13. You got to be kidding me!!!
  14. What the heck is happening?
  15. Is this for real?
  16. I am going to take this to the logical conclusion for sure.