The subject of Physics can be very daunting for many students. But when its concepts are explained in relation to everyday life sandwiched with humor, it can be entertaining and enlightening. The purpose of making Physics jokes is to create fun and laughter that you can share with your friends and family.

The jokes also serve a purpose of breaking the barrier between the intimidating Physics and the students. By poking fun at the quirks of Physics and those who teach it, students and others can feel closer to the subject. Learning and teaching Physics can be extremely stressful, and that is where humor can used to change the perception of the subject from daunting to enjoyable.

With the aim of creating jokes on Physics and its teacher, we have thought about the everyday life of the person who breathes it. You may also have witnessed a passionate Physics teacher and wondered about their everyday activities with regards to their subject. This post gives a hilarious perspective of how Physics teacher go on about their day. So let’s start with the morning.

On waking up in morning : – What is the first thing Physics Teacher do in the morning after waking up? Do a lot of stretch along with Yoga. And if they are feeling more energetic than usual, then they may follow it with jogging in the cordon of the particle accelerator.

Taking Bath and Breakfast: – After their mini-exercise routine, it is time for them to take a bath. But do you know the thing without which a Physics Teacher would never take a shower? It isn’t soap or shampoo but the thermometer. They always want to ensure that the water has the optimal temperature for thermal equilibrium.

Now, when it comes to making the breakfast, who would be more better to understand all the forces other than a Physics teacher? We are talking about the force of squeezing the oranges. A Physics teacher knows that higher the squeezing force, the larger splash radius of the orange juice which can not only enrich his face with Vitamin C but also the walls of kitchen.

Arriving At School

Meeting with the Principal: – It is time to go to school and the first thing to do is always meet the principal. Our Physics teacher ensures to always bring a model of expanding universe. You may ask why? With it, he explains to the principal and management that just like the universe, his expenses are constantly expanding, however his salary seems to be stuck in the black hole.

The principal and managment aren’t naive either. They respond back that the they will work on getting the teacher out of the gravitational pull but reminds him that no one can exceed the speed of light.

Meeting with Bio Teacher: – Physics teacher are inherently cordial with everyone however with biology teacher there is a fundamental difference. The Physics Teacher can never get along with them because every time they create a moment, the physics teacher starts to calculate their momentum!

Teaching the Students: – A physics teacher may have overcome the daunting of their subject but they know about the default repulsiveness of their students towards the subject. While teaching, they not only teach about the fundamentals of forces but also sandwich humor in their classes. When teaching about gravity they say that “It is like your relatives in the wedding season. You can always count on it to show up uninvited, pulling everyone together”

Different topics may unveil different weirdos about our teacher. When it comes to teaching relativity of time, the Physics Teacher may keep taking paces and even do slow running from one corner of classroom to the other despite gasping for air. Seeing this absurd activity, the students ask the professor to relax to which he replied that time can be slowed down when in motion therefore, he is attempting to do the same for completing the lecture within the time period.

Meeting with the Maths Teacher: – Unlike in the case with Biology teacher, the physics teacher are always fond of Maths teacher because they know how to find the right angle in any situation.

Meeting With Friends in Evening

So what if someone teaches a complex subject like Physics? They are not serious all the time and can express their hearty nature when they meet with their friends.

One of the common ways of meeting with their best friend is by hugging and spinning them in the air while speaking their memorized vows “Just like the conservation of angular momentum, our friendship remains constant through the twists and turns of life!”

When the spinning stops, the friend regains balance and also the breathe and finally utters “Well, my friend that’s one way to test our friendship’s stability—spin it till I nearly collapses! I wonder what demonstration you would have given if you were thinking about black holes. I’m not sure I’d survive that demonstration”

Whether its dining or drink session, Physics teacher never forgets to utilize their subject expertise. When their friends pours the wine, they calculate the velocity of beer from the bottle to the glass. As if that wasn’t enough, they are also interested in calculating the hangover after the session.

Spouse Time and Sleep

Now when its come to spouse time, the Physics people are keen to keep their brain off related to their subject. But the drug of physics can always pull them back into thoughts of quantum mechanics. This is why spouses of the Physics teacher always keep a compass on their lap so that they can find their way back to the reality from the black hole of research.

But in order to quantify their love, a Physics teacher always show his scale to their partner and shows them how much they love each other. When the spouse seems puzzled looking at it, the professor says that the scale signifies love, which is immeasurable.