Dr. Vivek Bindra, the famous motivational speaker is facing hardships these days after Sandeep Maheshwari indirectly raised questions about his business model, specifically about a particular course that mostly had buyers from the youth category. Vivek Bindra responded after a few days and made a detailed video about the honest revenue generation of his company Bada Business Pvt. Ltd and denied the allegations of scam and any wrongdoing.

Before Bindra could take care of the storm in his professional life, a jolting news came in the media about his personal life. His newly wedded second wife, Yanika Bansal put serious charges against Bindra on accounts of physical assault.

As if the problems weren’t already enough for Vivek Bindra, entered Mr. Maheshwar Peri, owner of Career360 and the man who single-handedly shut down IIPM across India. Dr. Vivek Bindra did put forth his explanation too on various Youtube channels but Mr. Peri’s interview revealed the stories of victims who have officially united and are fighting case for refund against Vivek Bindra.

From Times of India, New Indian Express to Hindustan times, Dr Vivek Bindra’s services have been talked about and promoted on many prestigious publications of India. He has been the recipient of numerous awards in the coaching industry.

However, the answers to basic curious questions about Bindra’s bada claims haven’t emerged on the digital medium nor anyone has asked him about it. This post is a sincere attempt to highlight some basic questions that should be asked before buying courses of Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. This post should not be construded as a way to defame a personality or its services.

Who is Dr. Vivek Bindra?

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a famous motivation speaker who is the CEO of Bada Business Private Limited (BBPL). He is known for making informative and inspirational videos on Youtube. Born on 5th April 1982, he is the recipient of Nine Guinness World Records as per his website.

Q1: – Vivek Bindra’s Employees Payscale

Vivek Bindra’s flagship model i.e. IBC was advertized with the promise of lakhs of earnings per month. While Bindra did mentioned money back guarantee upon adherence to the course’s Terms and Conditions, it was hard to fathom the fact that IBC was promoted through telecallers that themselves were earning nowhere close to Rs 1 Lakh – 10 Lakhs per month, which as per Bindra anyone can earn after gathering knowledge from the IBC course.

A look at Glassdoor reveals the salaries of most of designations in Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. Questions need to be asked that why 90% of Bindra’s employees are not earning the same amount of money, the dreams of which Bindra is selling to the youth of the country.

Q2: – Anecdotal Data vs Empirical Evidence

IBC stands for International Business Consultant. As per definition, a Business Consultant is a professional with wide arrays of skills who assists business owners in dealing with every endeavor of it. There are testimonials of the IBC customers on the Internet who claims to be earning the same amount of money which was promised by IBC advertisements. However out of the 1,60,000 IBC customers, these few testimonials do not represent the true value that IBC is bringing to the majority of its customers.

Maheshwari Peri pointed out during multiple interviews that anecdotal evidence of few people’s success cannot represent the value addition of IBC until a data is sampled of all the IBC customers where their before and after earnings (or progress) can be measured.

The marketing of IBC may reflect an impression that an individual looking to upscale his business endeavors may benefit from the course. However, the Bada Business Pvt. Ltd, the parent company of IBC, have not put out a data about the achievements (or progress) of its IBC students in their own business endeavors.

It is not even clear whether the successful testimonials earned the revenue through referral commission or through the application of course knowledge in their business endeavors.

Q3: – Why Shut down IBC Model for only 1.25% of miselling?

Businesses often close their product or service when the majority of its customers remain stuck with unresolved issues. Bindra in an interview stated that he shut down the IBC model back in June of 2023 when he became aware of the misselling. But as per Bindra himself, only 2000 people were deceived by referrals in order to get their commission. This accounts to less than 2 percent of unhappy customers who were deceived with over-promises or false information about the IBC course from their referrals. Vivek Bindra did state that those misellers were identified and the deceived customers were adequately treated with refund fees. However, it does arouse question as to why shut down a flagship model because of unintentional wrongdoings to only 1.25 % of the overall customers.

Q4: – Non-Standardized Fee Collection

Maheshwari Peri, in an interview stated that the token money was collected from the victims in a non-standardized manner. Token money ranged from Rs 30K to Rs 1 Lakh depending on the purchase power of the buyer. Not only that, it was observed that the final prices of the courses varied from student to student, depending on their financial capacity.

Q5: – Teacher’s List?

Listing high profile names as Professors is a sure-shot way of selling the event. Some of the biggest names in the country like Acharya Balkrishan, Ritiesh Agarwal, Girish Agarwal, Vivek Oberoi, Sanjeev Mehta and etc. are displayed as “Billionaire Professors” on the website of Bada Business with the promise of “Live Learning Sessions”. While the promise may hold true, however, mentioning the time duraiton of their teaching interval might be more beneficial for the buyer.

There were some names that didn’t agreed to be a part of the “Billionaire Professor” list. Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw was one of them. The fact was revealed by Maheshwar Peri, who opined that Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw never agreed to be a part of the Professor list and yet she was included in the lists that was advertised to the masses.


As I am writing this article, Vivek Bindra is engaged in a legal battle with Sandeep Maheshwari. However, Bindra may have to spend more energy to counter claims put forth by Maheshwar Peri who has acquired huge credibility over the years in the area of education. Peri is funding the legal costs of some nearly 700 students who feel they were cheated by Vivek Bindra and his company on the promises of more earnings through the knowledge gained from IBC course.