Divyansh Pandey is a YouTuber from Haldwani, India. He vlogs about his daily life on an almost daily basis. His family includes 4 members, with Dad, Mom, and one brother. He also has a pet dog of Beagle breed by the name of Chulbul.

Early Life and Family Information

Divyansh Pandey was born in Haldwani and his family resides there. (7:23 minute). His father and mother’s names are Lalit Mohan Pandey and Shailja Pandey whereas his younger brother’s name is Om (Medhansh) Pandey. Om was born in May of 2008 and therefore his age will be 15 years as of May 2024. His Dad works in politics whereas his mother runs a parlor business. Divyansh is in his 2nd semester (as of 4th Feb 2024) in BA (1:40 minute) while his younger brother is about to take board exams of 10th standard. Divyansh is currently 20 years of age as of Feb 2024 and his height is around 5 feet 8 inches.

Monthly Income From Youtube and Networth

While no one can accurately tell his exact income from Youtube, we can get a near accurate idea through calculation. Divyansh uploads vlogs daily on his Youtube channel. His vlogs falls majorly in the entertainment category which has a low RPM in India. But considering his daily views, he averages about 2 lakh views. And therefore, the total number of his monthly views can be somewhere in between 50 – 60 Lakhs, which is 5 – 6 million.

Now, Google Adsense on Youtube from Indian traffic gets around 70000 Rs for 1 million views. So considering 6 million views, Divyansh Pandey could very well be earning 70000 * 6 = Rs 4,20,000. These are just the rough estimates but Divyansh is likely earning more than this amount considering the sponsors he is regularly doing now. It goes to show how much Youtubers can earn in India even in the most low RPM categories. Divyansh has been getting consistent 1 Lakh + views on every video for nearly 2 years now. So you can guess that Divyansh has achieved a networth of more than 1 Crore for sure by now.

Controversy about Divyansh Pandey

Abuse from a 9-year-old!

In one of his vlogs, Divyansh’s mother i.e. Shailja was seen revealing the incident on how a subscriber (faking as her female client) abused her on WhatsApp. Divyansh’s mother was extremely upset about the abusive texts she received and the family decided to lodge a formal complaint at the police station. Things took an unexpected turn when the police called the number. The voice from the other end seemed that of a kid and the recipient clarified that he is 9 years old and the abusive texts were typed by his friends from his phone who came over for a party. Police suspected that the individual was using a voice app to fake himself as a kid to escape legal trouble. Divyansh’s father called the suspect again a few days later and verified through a video chat that the suspect was indeed a kid.

Later on, Divyansh’s father had an in-depth call conversation with the family of the suspected kid, and the parents claimed that the abuse was indeed texted from the kid’s phone by his friends. However since the number was registered in the name of the kid, therefore the family decided not to file a legal complaint against the suspected kid keeping in mind his future and his age. (9:09 minute)

Controversial Vlogging Titles

Divyansh is known to show glimpses of his private family affairs also which is rare in Indian society. In one instance, the vlog shows his Dad scolding his younger brother for failing in the subject of Maths in the 10th preboard exam. In another vlog, his parents could be seen arguing with each other about the daily household chores. At times, the title of Divyansh’s vlogs appears to click bait such as “Mummy Ne Papa Se DIVORCE Maang Liya Kyuki Bina Bataye Papa Ne Apne Liye GOLD khareed Liya ‼️“, “Papa Ne Sabke Samne Om Ko Thappad Maar Diya Om Ki New Haircutting Ko Dekh Ke ‼️“, “Papa Ko Om Par Bhayankar Gussa Aa Gaya Om Ko Bachana Mushkil ‼️“, “Om Ne Bed Par Susu Kar Di Prank Gone Wrong Angry Reaction ‼️“, “Papa Aur Om Ki Dukaan Mein Ladayi Ho Gayi“, “Papa Mummy ki Ladayi Ho Gayi Mummy Police Ko Bula Rahi Hai ‼️ Ab Humara Kya Hoga

Lively Characters

While Divyansh and Om connects with the audience, the liveliness of his parents, especially of his father plays a crucial role in the vlog’s engagement. Prima Facie, the vlogs give raw, unfiltered emotions that erupt in the private matters of most Indian families who usually do not talk about it in the public domain.