As per the videos and ads on Youtube, Dev Gadhvi is known for Business coaching. He has gained recognition on social media platforms in the last few years, especially during the lockdown period. Gadhvi is famous for giving claims like “being a crorepati in these days is very easy and that if a kid is now becoming a millionaire then why aren’t you?” He teaches people how to build multiple streams of income and to build a multi million dollar business.

Dev Gadhvi Background

As per a video on and as per this website, he was born in the slums of Gujarat and that his father encouraged him to study hard to live a better life.

An unverified Linkedin profile states that Gadhvi is the son of a truck driver who came from a humble background. It also states that Gadhvi’s coaching business made him the first-generation self-made multimillionaire.

His corporate career started with Reliance and he worked in call centers also. Later on he worked in the IT (Oracle) and Telecom industries also. The Linkedin profile also states that Gadhvi worked in the BPO industry and worked in the corporates for sales for nearly 16 years for many organizations where he eventually reached the salary of Rs 3 Lakhs/ month.

Gadhvi calls himself “India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor”. In the video on his official website, many celebrities can be seen taking Gadhvi’s name. The list includes name like Rannvijay Singh, Satish Kaushik, Sania Mirza, Sonu Sood, Mandira Bedi and etc. There is also a video where Gadhvi is seen taking interview of Patrick Bed David of Valuetainment.

Dev Gadhvi Family Details

Dev Gadhvi’s mother name is Valbai Gadhvi. She can often be seen with his son in many of the Instagram pics. In one of the interview with her mother (at 8 : 10 minute), it was revealed that Dev has an elder brother also.

Dev Gadhvi’s Business Empire and Claims

As per few sources on the Internet, it appears that Gadvi has two businesses companies in his name. One is Dev Gadhvi Productions LLP and the other is Dev Gadhvi Creations Pvt Ltd.

As per information available on Glassdoor, there are between 51 – 200 employees working in Dev Gadhvi Creations Pvt. Ltd. And the average salary of employees is somewhere between 6 Lakhs to 17 Lakhs per year.

If the information about the salaries holds true, it begs the question why the employees aren’t earning crores of rupees if Gadhvi’s mission revovles around enabling people to become a millionaire through his teachings and courses!

Sourcr : – Glassdoor

Gadhvi imparts coaching for becoming a millionaire, however Gadhvi’s earlier business ventures (before he embarked in the coaching industry) are difficult to find on the Internet. It is also not known yet about Gadhvi’s income from earlier business ventures.

Dev Gadhvi Net Worth & Earnings 2024

By his own admission, Gadhvi has earned a staggering 40 crores in the four years from his enterpreneurship training i.e. from 2018 – 2022. His first paycheck was of Rs 3000 when he started working. In 2019, his company made a business of Rs 2.5 crore whereas that number reached to Rs 16 crore in 2020 due to pandemic. In 2021, his company acquired Rs 21 crores. The year 2020 and 2021 was a boon for the content creators as people were at home due to lockdown and spent most of time in watching videos. Dev’s company made a whopping Rs 50 crores operating income in 2022 and his estimates are close to Rs 100 crores in the year 2023.

He claimed to have earned more than Rs 15 crores by just acquiring a batch of 300 mentees in 2023.

Considering the growing popularity of Dev Gadhvi and his social media ads, it can be assumed that his net worth and earnings would be more than 100 crores by the end of 2023.

Year Net Worth and Revenue in Inr
20181 crores
20192.5 crores
202016 crores
202127 crores
202250 crores
2023100 Crores estimated earnings as per Gadhvi himself
Source : – Youtube

Dev Gadhvi Books

Gadhvi has authored two books till now. One is 80%Mindset 20%Skills and the other is 6 Sundays a Week Life.

Gadhvi’s Social Media handles and Website information

Gadhvi has quite a fan following on social media. As per a website indicating to be belonging to Gadhvi, his FB, Instagram (2nd Insta account), Twitter, Linkedin account and Youtube Channel has been active since the last few years.

There are many websites which portrays itself to be belonging to or associated to Dev Gadhvi. They are DevGadhvi

Dev Gadhvi in Media

Dev Gadhvi has been featured on a a number of high-profile publications like ANI (Link1, Link 2, Link3) , BusinessToday, ThePrint, MiamiHerald, FinancialExpress, FirstIndia, UniIndia, newsx

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