Gone are the days when tattoos used to be uncommon. Today people have multiple reasons to get a tattoo than ever before.

Tattooing is a profound form of visual expression which derives inspiration from culture, mythology, and belief systems. For some it could be a way to get more attention while for others, it is not just an aesthetic endeavour, but a deeply symbolic act imbued with layers of meaning and significance. (Morris, 2002). 

Perception of Tattoo in Today’s Culture

As society evolves, perceptions and practices of tattooing are rapidly transforming. Tattooing has emerged not just as an art form, but also as a means for individuals to express their personality, enhance self-perception, and improve sexual appeal.

Tattoos are now widely seen as a form of body ornamentation, allowing people to adorn and customize their appearance. Research indicates the primary functions of tattooing are to enhance sexual attractiveness and serve as a medium for self-expression.

Tattoos can play a pivotal role in an individual’s sense of self-enhancement and their efforts to differentiate themselves from the masses through permanent body markings. This shift reflects the evolving societal attitudes towards tattooing and its multifaceted significance in modern times. (Antoszewski et al. 2010; Armstrong et al., 2004; Forbes, 2001).

The Tattoo Craze Among Gen Z & Couples

The tattoo craze sweeping through Gen Z stems from their deep-rooted need for self-expression and identity exploration. The normalization and destigmatization of body art has empowered this generation to embrace tattoos without fear of judgment. Social media’s pervasive influence, along with peer pressure, have further fueled this trend.

The trend of couples getting matching or complementary tattoos has become increasingly common, particularly among younger generations. This practice of “couple’s tattoos” reflects a shift in the ways intimate partners choose to outwardly express and commemorate their relationships. Beyond simply being a fad, the motivations behind couples choosing to permanently ink their bond onto their skin can provide fascinating insights into the intimate dynamics and symbolic needs present in modern romantic partnerships. The motivations behind this growing phenomenon include:

1. Symbol of Commitment and Permanence- Couples tattoos symbolize commitment and permanence, showcasing the depth and longevity of the relationship.

2. Physical Manifestation of Commitment- Matching or complementary tattoos serve as a tangible expression of the couple’s commitment to each other, visible to themselves and others.

3. Bonding Experience- Choosing and enduring the tattoo process together fosters a deeper bond between partners, enhancing their connection.

4. Commemoration of Milestones- Tattoos commemorate significant milestones or shared memories in the couple’s relationship, such as the date they met, got married, or had a child.

5. Outward Expression of Identity Couples tattoos allow partners to visually represent their relationship to the world, expressing their shared identity.

6. Spontaneity or Rebellion- Some couples may get tattoos impulsively or rebelliously, without fully considering the long-term implications.

7. Influence of Social Trends –The popularity of couples tattoos may lead some to follow the trend without personal significance, possibly driven by a desire for external validation or to project a perfect partnership image.

Tattoo for Love or Show Off?

It can be very hard to gauge whether an individual (or Couple) has gotten a tattoo for the expression of love or just to show off. However, there are some signs which could indicate the either.

Possible Signs of Tattoo just for Show OffPossible Signs of Tattoo for the Expression of love
Tattooed Area: – Tattoos on the extremely visible area such as face, throat and forearms may give a perception of attention seeker.Tattoos located on the less visible areas which is hard for the public to see such as rear part of ears, stomach and chest, may suggest that the intent is an expression of deeper connection or love for their partner.
Trend: – If the Tattoo design is already in trend, it may imply that the individual has gotten it for show-off if the design is without any personal customization. If an individual get a tattoo that reflects an ideology, then the intent may appear as an expression of the new belief system. For couples, a thoughtful design or element that reminds of their partner can reflect a deeper meaning.
Lack of meaning: – A tattoo that is done purely for aesthetic purpose and does not reflect a connection to the individual may appear as Spotlight seekers.Milestones: – Tattoo done for reminding a significant milestone is usually done for personal reasons rather to seek attention from others.

The Good and Risk Part of Getting a Tattoo for Your Partner

The Good Part: – Sharing a tattoo with a partner can be a powerful symbol of unity and intertwined lives. The process of choosing and getting the tattoo together can foster a sense of teamwork and shared adventure, strengthening the bond between the couple.

For many, these permanent, visual reminders of their commitment serve to enhance intimacy and deepen their relationship. Couples are able to express their love and devotion to one another in a uniquely personal way through this shared body art.

The Risk Part: – The permanence of tattoos requires careful consideration, as removal is a difficult and costly endeavor should the relationship come to an end. If the relationship is still new or unstable, the tattoo may be an impulsive decision that is later regretted by one or both partners.

There is also the risk of one partner feeling pressured to get a tattoo they truly do not want, which can breed resentment and damage the relationship.  Additionally, the tattoo may become a source of contention or a painful reminder of a past relationship if the couple were to break up.

Tattoos represent a lifelong commitment, and partners’ tastes or relationship status may change over time, leading to potential dissatisfaction with the shared body art. Ultimately, the decision to get a shared tattoo should be made with mutual enthusiasm and a deep commitment to the relationship.

Thinking of Getting a Tattoo for your partner? Consider these points

So, everything is going lovey-dovey in your relationship and you are seriously contemplating to get a tattoo for your partner or even suggesting your partner to get couple Tattoos. Here are some few things to consider before.

It would be an understatement to say that a tattoo for your partner reflects your love and care. It symbolizes a deep bond and commitment.If the relationship turns sour or ends, then the tattoo will turn into regrettable reminders. Also, if you get a tattoo alone, it may feel like a pressure for your partner to get a tattoo showcasing their love towards you.
A shared experience of getting tattooed can be a memorable one.Your social and professional lives may receive undue attention because of a tattoo on your visible body part. Tattoos also carry risks of allergic reactions, skin infections, and other potential complications from the ink.
You may perceive tattoo is a unique expression of your love towards your partner.Your taste may change over time and you may not be fond or even dislike Tattoo in your future years.
Getting a tattoo for your partner may spice up your bedroom life.Quality tattoos come with a high price tag, and removal, if desired later, can be even more expensive and painful.


If you want to get a tattoo your partner, you may want to give a serious consideration due to its permanence and potential implications on various aspects of your life, apart from the financial and health risks. Tattoos may also influence negatively on how others would perceive you.