Who says you cannot have affinity for Biology and for their teachers without actually liking them? Even though the subject was (will always be) complex for the likes of me, I could never resist associating humor with it. If only I would have studied Biology in my school as much as I used to make jokes around it, I would have scored more marks.

For those of you who are trying to get into the good books of your Biology teacher, you may try to humor them with jokes used in this post. But if things go south, then please don’t come around blaming me.

Alex, is a wonderful Biology Teacher who lives and breathes the subject. His daily life revolves around Biology and his mission is to make his friends, family and relatives to view Life from the lens of Biology only. We would like to give you an insight about the everyday hilarious life of Alex.

Morning Routine

Our Biology Teacher Alex is proud of many things in his life but none comes closer to his secret pride of producing lots of melantonin. Alex even feels that he could get an Oscar if there will ever be a category for melantonin production.

After his admiration for achieiving good night’s sleep, Alex quickly turns his attention towards the nature’s call. According to him, it is the only time when he gets to release his findings” after an extensive field research previous day!

Shower and BreakFast: – As much as Alex enjoys his daily morning shower, he is also skeptical of the soap. And this is why he brings microscope into the shower to see if the anti-bacterial soap are actually doing their job. Alex is also not fond of Loofah because he doesn’t believe in disturbing the natural selection process of skin cells.

Now when it comes to breakfast, Alex’s go to item are eggs. Ofcourse, he likes it in Omellet form because it’s a practical example of protein denaturation and emulsification. And when leafy greens can be sneaked in, it allows him to have a photosynthesis discussion with his family which ofcourse makes them difficult to feel awake.

Taking it to the extreme, Alex even checks temperature of the milk before making the cereal. You may ask why? Because Alex wants to ensure optimal conditions for lactase enzyme activity.


After a hearty breakfast meal, Alex rushes to his college and ensures to meet the principal daily, not to discuss anything related to salary or curricullum but to convice him to rename the school gym to “The Mitochondria” because it is where people produce power!

Teaching the Students: – While Alex has successfully transformed his boredom of studying Biology into curiosity in his student years, he knows that the chapter on cell is far from interesting. When trying to explain the cell break up process, he remarks “Much like cells during mitosis, sometimes it’s necessary for two parties to divide for proper growth and development”

For many students, the chapter on Photosynthesis can be sleepy. One time, a student requested his teacher whether they could skip the chapter of it? Alex, not shy of presenting his humor, replies, “Sure, as long as you don’t mind living in the dark about how you get your oxygen!, I am totally fine skipping it,

Alex uses innovative methods to instill the right things in his students. While teaching about the skeleton at one time, he brought a model of it in the classroom so that students could understand that even dead people keep straighter posture so why the living ones are lazy!

Meeting With Colleagues: – While Alex is very friendly with colleagues, he is highly patriotic towards his subject. At one time, he and the Maths teacher almost came to giving blows to each other because whenever the Maths teacher talks about the parallel lines, Alex interrupts and says that “In genetics, parallel lines can meet… thanks to mutation.”

Meeting With Friends

Alex eats and breathes Biology throughout the day. When he meets his friends in the evening, he hugs them and then takes out the magnifying glass because he believes in finding good in everything. For e.g. nails, hair and even the moustaches of his friends.

Often Alex greets his friend with a hug and swirl. While swirling, he explains to them “You know this is how plants feel in a tornado plus I am also demonstrating centrifugal force on a cellular level. How’s your inner ear feeling by the way?”

When Alex and his friends go out for wine and dine, he raises toast everytime “To our mitochondria, may they always produce ATP efficiently!” Admiring the taste of the drink, he doesn’t forget to acknowlede the hard work done by the yeasts

Dinner is not the usual with Alex. Before making the reservation, he enquires whether the menu caters to omnivores, herbivores, and mycophagists? He categorizes food into kingdoms. The Pizza belongs to the kingdom of Fungi. The salad belongs to Plantae and so on.

Alex leaves no stone unturned in explaining Biology to friends even while enjoying a delicious meal. When he is about to eat a spaghetti, he says, “Consider each noodle a representation of a long DNA strand. And the meatballs? Well, Those are your nucleosomes.

Winding the day

While Alex’s first love is always Biology, he ensures to give adequate time to his wife too. While winding the day, he always confesses to her that she is a natural stimulus for him which makes the sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive.

Hearing the compliment, his wife jokingly reminds him that she also loves to send it in the fight or flight response if he forgets to keep his act together.

Jokes about Biology

Do you know why the Mitochondria doesn’t get invited to the party? Because not only they take away all the energy but then also claim they are the powerhouse of the cell.

Two genes were talking to each other. One of them says “Are you my allele? Because every time I look at you, my traits become dominant

A plant kept on winning the sunbathing competition against the solar panel? The Solar panel asked him the secret to which the plant replied “I don’t just soak up the sun; I turn it into food. Beat that with your fancy physics! Could You?”