Avadh Ojha is a teacher who is known for prepping students of history subject for the UPSC exams. He is famous for teaching history in creative style sandwiched with motivational content. Most of his videos are put on the Parth youtube channel and on RAY Avadh Ojha. He runs IAS IRS coaching centers in Pune, Maharashtra by the name of IQRA.

Early Life And Education

Avadh Ojha was born in the city of Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. He studied in Fatima Inter college. He credits his father for giving allowing him free will and for never imposing him to get a job. Ojha stated in an interview that his parents were not allowed to live in their villages for a long time. His mother is a lawyer by profession.

Interesting Facts about Avadh Ojha

He wants India and Pakistan to be united.

Ojha along with his two friends revenged with his school teacher once when he was in 10th standard. The particular teacher had beaten Avadh Ojha when he was in 7th standard. He jokingly stated that after the incident, he earned immense respect from his classmates who earlier used to toy with him.

He was not interested in studies and cheated in many exams to pass. He gave references of his father who would often tell him that nobody has become a king by studying.

He revealed that he got beaten many times by his mother. After exhausting all his UPSC attempts, he and his mother once gotten into a verbal fight. Subsequently, his mother evicted him from the house.

He once revealed that his father never beaten him. He jokingly added that he wished he had been beaten by his father at least once.

As per his own admission, Avadh Ojha was unable to crack the IAS exam in his four attempts in four years and the total preparation and accomodation costed him nearly 6 lakh rupees.

In many of his interviews, he cited the problem of Indian students which is consumption of content like “Half Girlfriend”, a novel by Chetan Bhagat.

He is often seen wearing gamcha around his neck. When asked about the reason for wearing it, he stated that it reminds him to keep his feet firmly on the ground (meaning to remain humble in life).

When asked about the changes he would want to implement in UPSC, he stated that the age limit should be from 21 to 25 only. Second change that he would like to bring is to make Hindi compulsory.

If opined that government should make some arrangement for employment of the candidates who failed to clear the UPSC interviews as he believe that such candidates are no less competent than those who clears the interview.

Suggestions given by Avadh Ojha for Students

He opines that aspirants should think about other profession or go after their back up career choice if they do not crack UPSC in first two attempts with full-time effort. He believes that revision of syllabus is possible while pursuing a job however the first two attempts need to be taken with full-time studying.

When asked about a common and a underated problem that aspirants make, Avadh Oja opined that the common problem with aspirants is that they do not understand the true meaning of preparation, which is to understand the jist of the event. He opined that not knowing the exact syllabus for entrance exam is the most the underated problem of UPSC aspirants.

During the interview with Sandeep Maheshwari, Avadh Ojha opined that the actual power in a democracy lies with the public and that the glitz, glamour and power related with the civil servants is not really true which is often what the youth envision after cracking the civil service exam.

Controversy related to Avadh Ojha

A clip went viral in August which shows Avadh Ojha making sarcastic remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Avadh Ojha opined that there should be a Modi dynasty chapter to study since Mughal Dynasty (at 6:50 minute) has been removed from the curricullum. In the same video, he also sarcasmed that Modi should quash away the constitution and crown himself.

He also hinted to compare Narendra Modi with Muhammad Ghori as both of them do not have a legal heir. He also opined that if Emergency occurs in the country, he would run to Nepal! Prima Facie it appeared that Avadh Ojha was criticising Modi’s government.