Often people ask their friends, colleagues and relatives about their current life happenings. They usually ask it with “Hope Everything is fine”. You must have also witnessed the authenticity of concern tied in such phrases. Some folks are more interested to derive dopamine by knowing about the turmoil happening in your life whereas some are genuinely concerned about your mental health and well-being. Depending on the authenticity of the asker, you could either give a conventional logical reply or come up with a funny sarcastic response. This post has plenty of ready-made replies but before that, we would like to explain few things.

How to check the authenticity of the asker?

When people say “Hope Everything is fine”, they want you to reveal your life’s current affairs which requires lots of vulnerability. While some people are genuinely concerned about your well-being, others merely use the phrase to strike up conversation and to gain pleasure. The latter type of folks often acquire information for their daily gossips. Therefore, you need to identify the folks who are genuinely concerned about you. People who keeps in touch with you rather than only on the special occasions tend to have more concerns about you. To such, you may feel like revealing the current honest status of your life.

However, people who often come out of the blue to enquire, usually are less-concerned about you in general and merely looking for some spicy news to satisfy the dopamine urge. To them you can always give a funny and even sarcastic responses.

Replies to “Hope Everything is Fine”

Well, lets just say as fine as the penguin wearing the tuxedo in the Antarctica.

Hahaha..Fine as a frog’s hair split four ways you can say.

As fine as the dropping eyes of the Pug breed.

Finer than the beautiful tuxedo I brought of Raymond

Yup. Really Fine as I am managing the delicate art of bearing my boss without breaking his head.

Responses Related to Work Life & Office

Yes, all is fine. It also means attending useless Monday meetings and visualizing spilling coffee on my Boss.

I am really becoming good at negotiation courtesy of my toddler who wants everything except what is offered to him.

I don’t know but at times my palms itches badly to strangle my colleagues with both hands.

Everything is fine from Monday to Friday Afternoon, when suddenly the management throws all the urgent tasks to be completed in 4 hours.

Well, lets just say that I may not have perfected my duties but I have perfected the art of looking serious and busy whenever Boss goes by.

Responses Related to Married Life, children and Friends

With children, every day has to be made fine even if it is not.

Really Fine like a relatives debate over whose turn it is to host the next awkward dinner

We’re fine, just trying to convince a toddler that broccoli isn’t a punishment from the vegetable gods

As fine as the husband’s poker face when the wifey asks “Do I look good in this?”

Navigating kid’s tantrums these days with ‘I want to cuddle’ and ‘Give me space’.

Have Been on the spree of coaxing wife to let me help a bit. Now wifey and kids have assigned me as the permanent dish washer.

I am doing extra job these days without getting paid i.e. of a storyteller to my kids at 3 a.m.

Have gathered strength now of parenting the kids without losing my mind.

Really fine in evenings when the children all of sudden have more energy than the nuclear power plant.