Lets be honest. Nobody likes to be pranked and fooled on any day, let alone on the 1st of April. You know that your friend is going to spread the news of April fooling you and you may become the center of laughter for many months and even years.

While nothing could be done to reverse you being April Fooled, you can come up with some smart sarcastic replies that you can throw after swallowing your pride and ego. Humor has the power to dilute any potential embarresment or annoyance and can turn the akward moment (of being April fooled) into a laughter.

Ultimately, a hilarious response is not just about the moments of laughter but helps to forge lasting connections and a positive environment where humor is cherished and reciprocated. Anyone can have a hard time in giving appropriate response after feeling the embarresment of being April fooled but this post can help as we have crafted lots of befitting replies.

History of April Fool

April Fool is celebrated in many parts of the world on the 1st April of every year. There are mainly two theories about its origin. According to the first theory, people’s interpretation of the ‘The Nun’s Priest’s Tale’ led to the belief that the fox tricked the rooster Chauntecleer on ‘syn March bigan thritty dayes and two‘. While technically it appeares that the phrase meant 32 days after 2nd of March which falls on 2nd of May, people interpreted it as March 32 — or April 1.

Then there is the second theory about April Fools origin where the day was celebrated in response to the change of seasons across many cultures like in Roman and Hindu culture.

Comeback Replies after being April Fooled

Oh, superb! You have been able to fool someone succcesfully who trusts you. Great achievement!

Well, now that you pranked me, do we upgrade our friendship status to ‘Frenemies’ or ‘Partners in Crime’?

I think a new clause needs to be inserted in our friendship. It will be “No pranks without pre-arrangements of gifts and money to compensate the anger and embarresment.”

Hmm. Now that I am proven gullible and naive, do I get some kind of trophy to flaunt it to everyone and accumulate sympathy points?

With this act, you have now successfully promoted yourself from my ‘best friend’ to ‘Arch Nemesis’.

I am wondering since how long you have been practicising for this?

If there would have been an Oscar for the best prankster, you would have surely won it today!

Hilarious Comeback Examples after becoming April Fool

Comebacks are so cool, especially when one is able to produce them spontaneously. While you may not be able to do it in your case after getting April Fooled but the example that we are presenting below will absolutely stun you when a guy named Chris succesfully April fools his friend Alex but gets an unexpected comeback from Alex at the end.

Chris texts Alex in morning

Chris : – Hey you won’t believe mate! An NGO is giving free tickets to rock concert to the first 100 people who came in costume of their favourite animal. Its all over Facebook and Whatsapp Groups!

Alex : – Goodness gracious! Are you kidding me seriously? Which band is it for?

Chris : – Its for Metallica. The band you always wanted to witness. I thought you would want to know about it at the earliest possible, therefore I messaged you.

Alex gets completely sucked into the prank and turns up at the location in the costume of a lion, complete with a mane and a tail. People are gazing at Alex and laughing at him.

Alex : – Hey Chris! Where the ***k are the tickets being sold? I can’t see anyone.

Alex has now realized that he has been completely fooled by Chris

Chris : – How are you feeling after becoming the king of the jungle in the middle of a downtime?

Alex realizes that nothing can be done to reverse being April fooled but uses his intelligence to create an unexpected comeback and comes up with the reply.

Alex : – Oh man! You really gotten me this time. Here am drawing a crowd like crazy but I have told these folks that my good friend Chris is distributing free concert giveaway today for the tomorrow show. I have even shared your number for the event details. I hope you keep your phone on silent now because you will be getting calls from left, right and center. But the worst part, I have posted all the details including your photo and number on social media. Good Luck!

Another Example

In this scenario, we will take two friends Riley and Jordan. Riley successfully traps Jordan into April Fool but creates an amazing comeback spontaneously.

Riley: – I don’t think anyone can believe it but the city council has put a permanent ban on Coffee. Starting tomorrow, coffees cannot be consumed anywhere in the city!!!

Jordan : – What the hell? How is that even possible?

Riley : – The environmentalists have been demanding for it lately. Now its a perm ban. The city council says that the ban is placed considering both environment and health reasons. Everyone would have to switch to herbal tea now. What the world has come to seriously! I am getting few hundreds of coffee sachet smuggled into my home at midnight before the supply chain gets totally cut off here. Do you want some sachet for your own consumption?

Jordan: – Yeah yeah please. Do that!

Riley : – Alright, sure I will do. Can you make upfront payment of $1000 as I have to pay the smugglers?

Riley successfully Pranks Jordan on April Fool by. But wait for Jordan’s revenge.

Jordan : – Yeah please. I am wiring you $1000 right now for the smugglers. Please secure my sachets immediately.

Concerned with the news and knowing that Coffee is his addiction, Jordan quickly takes out his phone and bank wires $1000 into Riley’s account.

Upon receiving notification of receiving $1000, Riley cannot stop laughing his heart out.

After few minutes, Jordan checks for the news on social media but couldn’t find anything. He then realizes that he has been April fooled and is feeling stupid that he not only got pranked but also wired $1000 to Riley. He is now thinking of how to turn the tables around and receive some or all of the money that he has wired to Riley. After careful thinking for few minutes, Riley comes up with a master plan.

Riley : – Hey Jordan! I hope you have secured my orders with the money that I had wired to you few minutes ago but there is a huge problem here now!

Jordan : – What is it?

Riley : – A law enforcement officer who was standing nearby in his informal dress and on his duty, overheard our conversation. While he knew nothing about the coffee sachet being transported, unfortunately he overheard the words smuggling and also heard that I am sending you $1000. Now he is really pestering me to reveal the name of the person that I was talking to and wants me to take him to your house right now.

Jordan : – WTF seriously mate? What did you told him?

Riley : – Nothing till now. But as I am speaking to you, he has called back ups here and is now forcing me to take them to your home. They have also seen the notification of my $1000 bank wire on my phone and are now confident that something fishy is going on between the two of us.

Riley is now extremely terrified. Recalling his conversation with Jordan, he realized that Jordan indeed said the word “smugglers” during the conversation and there is also a transactional proof of $1000. He is now deeply regretting that he made a stupid decision to indulge in all of this prank gaming. Meanwhile, Jordan calls Riley again.

Jordan : – Hey Riley. The situation seems to be getting out of control here. There is whole group of drug law enforcement folks here who is forcing me to reveal all of your details and home address. I am trying to spoof them somehow.

Riley : – Yeah please do something. This could get us into big trouble especially me because according to transactional proof, I am the receiver. Oh God, what the hell have I done!

Jordan cuts the call and smiles knowing that he has panicked Riley big time and therefore has successfully avenged the April Fool prank played on him. He waits for few minutes and calls back to Riley again!

Jordan: – Hey Riley! I have talked to the officer and he seems like a good samaritan. He says that if you can refund the paid amount to my number, it may indicate that you are not going to commit the drug offense and they might be willing to not take any further action.

Riley : – Thats not an issue at all. I am doing that as of talking to you right now. Please hold on.

Jordan receives a notification on his mobile stating that his account has been credited with $1000. He cannot control his laughter. He waits for few minutes before revealing what has happened.

Jordan : – Hey Riley! You refunded the money in my account?

Riley : – Yeah Yeah! Its absoultely done! Please check and show it to the officer.

Jordan : – Hahaha Riley! You pranked me real hard but I pranked you even harder. Welcome to April Fools mate!

Jordan successfully avenges the April Fool by pranking Riley even harder