Amit Sangwan is a self-proclaimed number-one clarity giver (21st Minute) who makes YouTube videos on philosophy, Indian current affairs, Astrology, movie reviews, and on many trending topics on which he gives his perspective. He has been active on YouTube for the last few years and has several YouTube channels mainly Sango Life Sutras, Clarity for Youth, Guruji from Gurugram, Sango Real Estate, Sango Saral Jyotish.

A Facebook page that indicates it belonging to Amit Sangwan states that Sangwan could be a Gurgaon-based Astrologer, Marital Counsellor, and a real estate guide. The page is not verified. Many of Amit Sangwan’s videos are shared on this page.

In one of his videos, Sangwan claims that the “youth needs clarity and not the motivation because motivation doesn’t lead to result”. In the same video, Sangwan also claims that his channel “Clarity for Youth” will help the youngsters to make better decisions about jobs, money, whether to prepare for government jobs, who and who shouldn’t to prepare for government jobs, How to grow in life and etc.

Amit Sangwan’s Educational background

An unverified Facebook profile claiming to be of Amit Sangwan states that Sangwan did his education from JNU and that he moved to Gurugram in 2021.

Amit Sangwan Real Estate Clarity

Sangwan claims on his YouTube that he is the number one clarity giver about Real Estate in India and he often invests in it. He also provides consultation for making the right investment. He lives in Gurugram, and therefore he has a lot of information about the scene of real estate there. In one of his videos, he explained in detail the type of property that one should buy.

Suggestions from Sangwan about Real Estate Investment

  • As per Sangwan, the builder’s brand and the location of the property are of prime importance.
  • He believes that the socio-economic class of the potential buyers should be evaluated before investing in a property.
  • He advises that agricultural lands should be purchased only at cities from where you originally belong to.
  • He opines that Real Estate investment should be for long-term wealth creation.
  • He strongly believes that the bride’s family in India look for a groom who has a permanent home.

Amit Sangwan’s Family

The details of his family members are not clear yet as per the information available from his videos and from the information available on the Internet.

Dig At Sandeep Maheshwari

Maheshwari doesn’t have specific domain knowledge

Amit Sangwan in one of his videos (at 16:00 minute), took a dig at Sandeep Maheshwari stating that Maheshwari doesn’t have any specific domain knowledge. He said “He (Sandeep Maheshwari) doesn’t have any specific domain knowledge. He only has chauffeur knowledge and no deep knowledge. That’s why he can’t launch any of his course. He can talk good”

For people who are not aware, Sandeep Maheshwari is an entrepreneur, who runs imagesBazaar and has a high fan following on YouTube with nearly 28 million subscribers (as of 21st Jan 2024). Maheshwari is famous for not monetizing his YouTube videos as he believes that doing so offers a better experience for the viewer.

Sangwan stated that he possesses so much knowledge and is number one (at 21 : 35 minute below video) but despite that he did not receive an invitation from Sandeep Maheshwari to collaborate (unlike many famous Indian Youtubers) because of his low subscriber base. He also stated that he still would reject an offer to collaborate with Sandeep Maheshwari even if offered later on because he disagrees what Maheshwari preaches.
“I don’t appreciate what you preach” Sangwan says at 21.46 minute of the video. You can watch the video below.

Amit Sangwan’s dig at Sandeep Maheshwari “Aasaan hai Aasaan hai kehna band kar diya”

Maheshwari has a popular phrase that he used to iterate in many of his motivational videos. The phrase was “Aasaan Hai Aasaan Hai” meaning its easy, its doable. Sangwan stated his contradictory view on that phrase “He has stopped saying Aasaan hai Aasaan hai (at 23.42 minute of video) because people like us have come and said that nothing is easy and that motivation is non-sense.”

Amit Sangwan’s viewpoint on Sandeep Maheshwari’s video about Vivek Bindra

Sangwan stated (at 29.31 minutes) that Sandeep Maheshwari’s timing of releasing the video on 11th December (which indirectly pointed to Bindra’s model) was surprising considering the clash that happened between Vivek Bindra and his newly married second wife on 6th December. “Timing badi acchi se choose kari gayi thi” (at 29.17 minutes) meaning that the time to release the video (i.e. 11th December) was carefully chosen after a lot of consideration.

As per report, Vivek Bindra was involved in domestic violence with his wife just hours after the wedding. There was also a video that was viral on social media showing Vivek Bindra near the entrance gate of a residential society requesting his wife to go inside.

Sangwan further stated, “When the man is down and out, many people up against him”. He however also stated in the video that he is not defending Vivek Bindra and that he is not a fan of anyone.

Sandeep Maheshwari copies my content

In multiple videos, Sangwan has claimed that Sandeep Maheshwari’s team takes new ideas to cover on YouTube from his videos. Maheshwari recently covered a video on deciphering the industry of UPSC coaching. Sangwan claims that a popular Youtuber (referring to Sandeep Maheshwari) (7:40 minute) took the idea to cover this topic from his videos as he had already explored that same topic before. He also claimed that his analysis of the UPSC coaching industry was better than Maheshwari’s video on the same topic.

Controversial Claims / Interesting Facts about Amit Sangwan

Preaches for self-praising

He preaches blowing one’s own trumpet (1:14 minute) adding that its important to portray to speak about oneself in superlative terms, especially when one is trying to lure customers to buy his product or services. In multiple videos, he claims to be the number one clarity giver and opines that he covers topic from perspectives that no one else is covering or willing to explore. He opines that the lion is neither the fastest, the strongest, nor the biggest but yet it is called the king of the jungle because the lion believes so. (18:35 minute). In the same video he further opines that in order to market oneself as number one, it is necessary to bring other people down (19:06 minute).

Sangwan runs a channel on real estate Sango Real Estate. He claims that he is the most knowledgeable person about Real Estate investment in India (24:03 minute)

“Never call your friend a brother” – Amit Sangwan

Amit Sangwan while talking about the equation that one should maintain with their friends, also emphasized to never equate a friendship with siblinghood. He opines that people, men especially place their friendship with their male friends on the pedestal. He strongly advocates for maintaining quality relations with blood relations and close relatives. “Never Ever call your Friend a bhai. It’s a great injustice to the word Bhai” says Sangwan (2:42 minute). He also opines that the glorification of friendship shown in movies is nonsense.

Sangwan’s viewpoint about Vivek Bindra’s videos

Amit Sangwan expressed constructive criticism in one of his videos about Vivek Bindra stating that collaborating with big Youtubers does not yield any benefit to the viewer. He also opined that explaining case studies about famous people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos also is useless. “This is all chauffeur’s knowledge. Nothing can happen from it in life” says Amit Sangwan in the context of case studies examples and YouTube collaboration by Vivek Bindra.

Amit Sangwan’s Previous Job and Experience

There are no pages on the Internet that confirm Sangwan’s nature of his previous job and his experience in the job or business sector. Sangwan has been seen giving innovative ideas for businesses that can earn up to 1 crores however it has not been clear yet whether Amit Sangwan has ever done business himself that has earned sizeable profit in crores or even lakhs before earning revenue by preaching about the same on Youtube and through his courses.

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